5 Sexy and Mischievous Ideas for Mother’s Day

5 Sexy and Mischievous Ideas for Mother’s Day

We know that mom’s life is not always easy and is often tiring. Since our mothers have made many sacrifices in caring for the family, we must thank them.

Sunday morning on Mother’s Day is sometimes an opportunity to sleep in and hear the muffled sounds of children or dad while they work in the kitchen to prepare breakfast in bed; the classic portrait of Mother’s Day. In addition to beautiful thoughts, crafts, cards made by hand or purchased at exorbitant prices, Dad may offer flowers or perfume to say: “Thank you for being such an amazing mother to our kids!”

Even though we are mothers, we remain women first and foremost.

So, why not also highlight your alluring wife the night before Mother’s Day?

This is for you guys. Saturday night, when the little ones are lying down, why not leave the beaten path and spoil the woman who first stole your heart? Show her that she is still intoxicating from head to toe.

Here are some ideas after the kids go to bed:

1) Make a candlelit dessert.

Her in a small dress, you even in sexy underpants, or an apron as your only clothing – something to get you salivating at dusk in anticipation of a fiery evening.

2) What could be better than a mousse bath?

Maybe chocolate flavour, to be enjoyed by two? Let the water inspire you. Hush, not too much noise, discretion is a powerful stimulant.

3) Give her a long massage with a little coconut butter….

….before disappearing under the covers. Coconut butter digests very well!

4) Tell your most salty memories on the pillow.

Remember those moments of passion that led to the family? Who knows, you could add more to your intimate memories.

5) There is a panoply of erotic literature.

Why not read extracts in the bedroom, whispering to each other?

Certainly, if you decide to offer a vacuum cleaner as a gift, be sure to demonstrate it with humor by playing the role of the housekeeper – act silly, make her laugh. That said, avoid offering household accessories, wrinkle creams, or diets. You may sleep on the couch or with the cats in the basement!

Written by Julie Hamel

May 1, 2018