Top 5 Naughty Gift Ideas for This Father’s Day

Top 5 Naughty Gift Ideas for This Father’s Day

Did you know that it was President Richard Nixon who introduced Father’s Day as a national celebration in the United States in 1972? It is also celebrated on different days across depending on the country you live in. But, contrary to Mother’s Day, we often lack inspiration and it is often at the last minute that we find a gift … the standard fare: BBQ Kit, mug, tie, golf game, etc. In short, the same story each year.

Why not add some spice to this year’s gift? Here are the top 5 naughty ideas to heat things up after the kids go to bed :

1) Make a DIY card for adults

How about a suggestive wish card or homemade gift cards in the colours of your passions: different positions, small bath for two, “full body” massage … let your imagination go.

2) A quick game of Strip Poker as an aperitif before bed?

A simple card game can suffice – but MAKE SURE HE WINS! Don’t be afraid to go “all in”!

3) Candy Floss Bra

This is a dessert he won’t soon forget!

4) Get intimate

How about a smartphone shoot? Put your phone on airplane mode and get creative!

5) Exotic massage oils

Just what you need for your man after a day around the BBQ or visiting the in-laws. Have fun tracing soft words by tracing the letters on his back.

If you still decide to give the father of your children a suede wallet, add a sexy picture of you to put a smile on his face. It’s up to you to imagine what will make him salivate!

Written by Julie Hamel

May 28, 2018